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A Public Market is a place, a district, or a system where commerce is governed by rules and regulations that have a civic aim. Founded in 2005, New Amsterdam Market is an economic development association whose mission is to establish a public market to promote and sustain:

  • A thriving society of small businesses
  • Responsible agriculture, fisheries, and food production
  • Regional economies, and fair trade between regions
  • Equitable access to real food

These same goals have long been championed in New York City by the Greenmarket system of farmers markets, an organization of the highest integrity. New Amsterdam Market is creating a similar, complementary market system that serves the needs of a new and growing economic sector:  purveyors*, manufacturers, distributors and other small businesses who fall outside of the traditional farmers market model but nonetheless hold the same values and ideals.

*A purveyor is defined as “One who provides victuals, or whose business is to make provision for the table.” As a market of purveyors, New Amsterdam Market will continue expanding New York City’s connections to sources of clean food from the region and around the world.

Mission stated in the Certificate of Incorporation of the
New Amsterdam Public Market Association, Inc.
August 25, 2006

The purpose for which the corporation is formed is as follows, to wit:

The public or quasi-public objective is to forge new links between small and mid-sized farmers and producers throughout the region and restaurants, caterers, institutions and other food buyers in New York City to enhance the emerging food system.

To reinvent the institution of the public market in New York City. We will establish and oversee a new forum dedicated to food production that is regional, sustainable, artisanal, and humane. Inspired by the market halls once prevalent in New York, this new market will be located indoors and consist primarily of independent food purveyors committed to sourcing what they sell from small and midsized regional farms, fisheries, and food producers. By serving this role, and by accommodating small-scale butchering, fish-cutting, cheese-aging, fresh dairy-making and the like on its premises, this public market will complement New York's Greenmarket system and greatly augment the year-round availability and selection of non-industrial foods in the city and the region. With guidance from an advisory board of food experts, the market will revive and reorient the urban shop-keeping trades so that its grocers, butchers, mongers, and other purveyors, all artisans in their own right, can sow the seeds of a new, sustainable economy.